Hillsdale Drive

Hillsdale Drive Extension

Charlottesville, VA

This $15 million project alleviated traffic from the Route 29 corridor north of Charlottesville by completing a connection between Rio Road and Hydraulic Road, east of Route 29. Hillsdale Drive was extended by 1 mile and included a new traffic signal, a roundabout, 3600 feet of shared-use path, 5800 feet of sidewalk, and a 160’ bridge over a stream. The project started in June of 2016 and opened December 22, 2017, and included almost 10,000 tons of asphalt and over 43,000 tons of stone.

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Colonial Ave

Roanoke, VA

This project includes the redevelopment of approximately 3,000 LF of the Colonial Avenue corridor. The work included removing two signalized intersections and the construction of three new roundabouts to improve traffic flow, storm drainage improvements, new curb and pedestrian facilities, and extensive utility coordination with 15,000 LF of duct bank conduit. 

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Sunchase at Longwood

Farmville, VA

The goal of this design-assist project was to convert the existing buildings into more updated, modern living spaces. Each building consisted of 14 four-bedroom, four-bath units that were initially intended for use as student housing.CMS converted the 14 units into a mix of two-bedroom,two-bath, and three-bedroom,two-bath units. All interior finishes were upgraded, and new cabinets, countertops, crown molding, and wood floors create a “Class A” living environment.

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