Safe by Choice, Not by Chance.

It is the commitment and investment of the Caton Construction Group to assure the development and maintenance of a safe work environment. Through the promotion of our safety culture, CCG ensures that every employee is actively involved, empowered, and trained to achieve the expectation of a zero-incident workplace.

Our comprehensive safety policies and procedures prioritize the safety of each employee. We complete job-specific safety plans during pre-construction and continually adapt to real-time conditions. Pre-task safety analysis and open communication are vital components of our safety culture, which we further enrich through formal, informal, and on-line training.

Our Corporate Safety Team provides education, knowledge, and skills necessary to achieve expectations. We reach beyond our team to ensure the safety of every individual that steps onto our job sites.

FCE encourages safety through:


  • Company-paid education payment and reimbursement program to advance employees knowledge and training.
  • Click Safety Corporate account, providing access to an extensive library of training and certification resources.
  • Global Safety Stand Downs following any incident or near miss.


  • Safety Incentive program rewarding individual employees for safe work practices.
  • Project-wide Bonus for maintaining a 0 incident worksite for duration of the job.
  • Corporate Safety Division performing random site visits, taking corrective action to avoid accidents and maintain OSHA compliance.

Task Focused

  • Activity Hazard Analysis during project kick off meeting before any mobilization begins.
  • Weekly on-site Safety Talks covering the week’s Safety Hazards and outlining best practices.
  • Company-wide participation in the safety program, including the top levels of the management team.

Stretch and Flex

Lucks Lane crew participates in morning Stretch and Flex routine during the daily safety talk.

From Our Leadership:

“My son works in this industry. I treat the safety of our employees with the same care and concern I’d want for him.”

– Ken Farrelly, CEO

“My responsibility is to make sure every employee goes home in the exact same way they came in, every day.”

– Brian Binder, Vice President – Caton Civil North

“It is the culture of this company, and written into the spirit of every other thing we do, to communicate to the employees, subcontractors, and clients that no task is so important that it warrants risking someone’s life.”

– Kevin Moynihan, Caton Civil President