It is the commitment and investment of Caton Construction Group to assure the development and maintenance of a safe work environment. By promoting our safety culture, CCG ensures that every employee is actively involved, empowered, and trained to achieve the expectation of a zero-incident workplace.


People. Our people. Their family, friends, and hobbies. These are the reasons why we work safely. Our program focuses on why just as much as the how. Safety isn’t just about compliance – it is about quality of life. At CCG, we strive to create an environment where employees feel safe, secure, and appreciated. By empowering them to make each decision based on their safety and their teammates, we have fostered an environment of genuine care and concern for one another. Each person has a vested interest in the success of one another.


“The shared belief that all incidents and injuries can be avoided sets the cultural precedence within our organization. The success of each employee at CCG drives our desire to become better today, than we were just yesterday.”

– Stephen Spagina, VP of Safety

“It is the culture of this company, and written into the spirit of every other thing we do, to communicate to the employees, subcontractors, and clients that no task is so important that it warrants risking someone’s life.”

– Kevin Moynihan, Caton Civil President


Achieving Safety Excellence is not the responsibility of one single person, trade, project, or department. A Zero Incident culture is a shared commitment throughout all levels of the organization. We have vested in one another’s success and committed to the vision that empowers each employee to be safe by choice, not by chance. By emphasizing safe decision-making and providing positive recognition to those who make those choices, we are actively improving our overall safety culture and performance each day.

We demonstrate our core value of safety through:


Driving safety within all aspects of the organization; beginning each meeting with Stretch & Flex and safety; providing support at meetings, job site visits, inspections, and safety trainings.


Training our employees in all aspects of their work, starting with a comprehensive onboarding process that leads to task, position, and job-specific training.


Proactively identifying and correcting hazards in the workplace allows us to avoid risks. We promote the reporting of Near Misses and Incidents so that we all can learn from the situations.


Pre-Construction Safety Surveys, Activity Work Planning, Activity Hazard Analysis’, Daily Hazard Analysis, Morning Huddle Discussions, and Weekly Planning Meetings allow our project teams to stay one step ahead while planning for success in every aspect of the work.

Best Practices

Going above and beyond industry standards to ensure our employees have every opportunity to make the right choices. Our diverse group of employees have combined experiences that allow us to tackle each job and task with a knowledge base that sets up for success.


We communicate and collaborate throughout all levels of the organization, in every region and on every project; sharing best practices, Lessons Learned, and Near Misses to broaden the knowledge of each employee at the company through weekly Safety Updates.