King Coal Highway

Bluefield, WVA

CCG is constructing dual structures interchanging with Airport Road and spanning the Middle Fork Brush and James P. Bailey Lake reservoirs. Each of the bridges’ foundations consists of HP 14 X 117 steel bearing piles at the abutments with MSE walls encapsulating the massive backfill material and 60ft deep x 9.5 ft diameter drilled shafts at the interior piers. These large diameter shafts support the 9.0ft, 7.0ft, and 5.5ft diameter sectional columns. Atop the column stems, rest a 65cy hammerhead and traditional rectangular style pier cap for a substructure total of nearly 1.0 million lbs of reinforcing steel and 1,750 cy of concrete. A combined 2.1 million lbs of structural steel girders, SIP decking, and 455,000 lbs of epoxy reinforced steel bars will support over 2000 cy of cast-in-place concrete deck across the valley and over the environmentally sensitive reservoirs. Construction began in September 2019 and is on pace to complete late 2021. Once completed, these bridges will provide the necessary mobility to deliver coal from the mountains of West Virginia to reach destinations far and wide.

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